Looking back at Hoogte80 Theater Terras

28 September 2020, 11:30

Due to Corona, Hoogte80 Festival could not take place in may. The first edition of the Hoogte80 Theater Terras took place from 19 to 23 august 2020. Rarely have we heard a heartfelt applause so often. Goosebumps! We saw you enjoying an cultural event, finally! Some of you were moved to tears by the festival atmosphere alone.

The Theater Terras was a relief not only for the audience, but also for the performing artist. After all, most of them have been forced to sit at home recently.

“As a festival, we are very happy that we have been able to give it a positive spin”, says Oddens. “That is another reason why this first small edition tastes like more. So there is a good chance that this will be continued ”.

Intimate , Coronaproof edition

At the beginning of July there was some room for a small-scale event. Together with local catering companies Café Kroon and Café Bosch, Oddens worked hard.

‘In no time we wrote a plan for a intimate, coronaproof edition. This was also exciting and new for the permits department of the municipality of Arnhem. We are therefore very pleased that, despite all the uncertainties and restrictions, they have given us the confidence and fully supported this initiative”.

The ”new approach” resulted in a five-day theater festival, which took place from Wednesday till Sunday. Every day there were several performances where visitors with two peope per table could enjoy cultural and culinary surprises.

Thank you!

A special word of thanks goes out to our partners, funds and subsidizers. In particular to the chefs from Butifarra and Café Bosch who provided us with great food and to the employees and volunteers who enabled us to realize the Theater Terras in no time.

Hoogte80 festival 2021

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