About Hoogte80 Festival

Why do we organise Hoogte80 Festival?

Why do we do this you ask? Because we’d love to live in a free and fair society, in which everybody makes conscious choices, diversity is a sign of strength and everybody gets the opportunity to develop. In other words: an inclusive society.

The arts have the power to bring people together and open their eyes. In this world where securities diminish, we risk becoming detached and have to redefine our own wellbeing, understanding each other is of the greatest importance. Using arts and culture as a catalyst, we aim to support social sustainability and inclusivity. By stimulating encounters and sharing stories, we hope to contribute to building compassion, trust and understanding between people who have different opinions, backgrounds and challenges. Hoogte80 Festival facilitates these meetings by offering the opportunity to visit performances and talking about them afterwards.


As a festival we leave an undeniable carbon footprint. We try to keep this as small as possible by thinking of creative solutions. We do this in different ways, but it would be great if you could also help out.

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