155 | Motors

Spectaculair combination of (break)dance and motors

Is Motors a theatre performance, a dance show or something with motors on stage? Or is it a group of friends who always do everything together, and secretly also have their own identity? Who cares! If you accelerate hard enough, no one will hear you cry in your helmet. 

In their last production LIJF, the men discussed the fanship that takes on absurd proportions and the speed with which you create hype. With this they performed on the Parade, Lowlands, in the Melkweg and Tivoli, they played more than 40 performances and they partied with their audience until late at night. But what if you don’t feel like it, and there is a motorbike on your doorstep where you can get on and drive away to something new? Away from annoying obligations, problems and the system. 

155 creates performances based on their unceasing fascination for the world in which they (and we) now live and move. In Motors, the men combine two great loves, motors and dance. This puts them with one foot in youth culture and with their other in the contemporary art circuit. The 155-year-old men return to base in motorcycles. They are approaching the magical limit of 30, but are not afraid to face themselves? Sensitive individuals are hidden under those unkempt beards.

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MOTORS is gemaakt door 155.

Dansers: Erik Bos, Thomas Bos, Liam McCall, Rein Luuring, Sam van Eenbergen, Thomas van Kalmthout, Deion Holwijn. Choreografie: Erik Bos. Video: Thomas Bos, Rein Luuring, Thomas van Kalmthout. Muziek: Tom Luuring en Bart Wirtz. Decorontwerp en bouw: Jakob Witte. Kostuumontwerp: Esmee Thomassen, Wouter Vrijlandt. Assistent kostuum: Kyra Vivian Wessel. Sound design: Sam van Eenbergen. Eindregie: Moniek Merkx en René Geerlings. Repetitor: Honey Eavis. Assistent choreografie: Snæfríður Sól Gunnarsdóttir. Zakelijk leiding: Joost Splinter, Wouter Vrijlandt. Projectleiding en Productie: Marjolein Saelman. Tourproductie: Juul Spoor. Technisch Producent: Jorn Kortooms. Techniek: Jules van Wegen, Jakob Witte. Lichtontwerp: Yuri Schreuders. Poster Fotografie: Eva Beeftink. Scènefotografie: Sjoerd Derine. Training: Joep van der Geest (spel), Gercon Brahm (tutting). Verkoop: TvB Theater.

MOTORS is gemaakt met ondersteuning van:

Fonds Podium Kunsten, Fonds21, Prins Bernhard Cultuur Fonds, Gemeente Utrecht, KF Hein.