De Jong & De Witte | Woodland

Featuring: The Forest

WoodLand is the latest visual and musical performance of DeJong&DeWitte: a theatrical and cinematic experience, starring the forest as the main character. Amazing things happen in the forest. Things we cannot see with the naked eye: trees communicate with each other. They lovingly care not only for their offspring, but also for their old and sick neighbours. They sense and calculate gravity, communicate via blossoms on their branches, have a secret scent language and their tracks sometimes travel hundreds of kilometers underground. According to scientist Peter Wohlleben, there is also a dark side: some wild tree species hack the system of others, or spread poison to sabotage nearby rivals.

Behind the world perceptible to our senses lies a reality that is not, or can hardly be, understood by our minds: we know more and more about the smallest particles, but we understand less and less about the bigger picture. With WoodLand DeJong&DeWitte wishes to generate a new awareness about the relationship between humans and nature in which the well-being of life in its totality (and not just that of mankind) is central. DeJong&DeWitte try to teach us how to bring nature closer and experience it again as a living organism. They do this by converting knowledge into an experience and thereby activating the imagination. Because we will also have to look for solutions outside of science, and will need our imagination.

Why have we become so alienated from what once brought us to life? Can we look at the trees and thus understand nature and ourselves better? Can we find a possible answer in this to the degenerate condition of man?


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