Het Hoogte80 Theater Terras

The perfect event for a stay-at-home vacation!

The first edition of Hoogte80 Theater Terras took place from 19 to 23 August 2020. Rarely have we heard a heartfelt applause so often. Goosebumps! We saw you finally enjoy each another cultural event. Some of you were moved to tears by the festival atmosphere alone.

We’ll organise three shows each day: Lunch, Afternoon and Dinner. The Lunch and dinner shows consist of two performances accompanied by a three course meal. The Afternoon- and coffeeshow do not include dinner.


For five days we presented a program full of dance, theater, music, street theater and acrobatics. Want to know more about the makers? Check them out below!

An event in a time of COVID-19?

We’d like to offer you a cultural experience in a safe environment. Therefore some guidelines are in place. Please keep in mind that we can’t see the future, guidelines may change. You’ll receive an email stating all rules and regulations a few days before the event, please read the instructions.

What you should know:
• The event will take place outdoors. (if it rains, we’ll make sure that there is a -temporary- roof)
• Keep at least 1,5 metres distance between you and other visitors;
• Visiting us with friends? A maximum of two people that are not from the same household can share a table;
• If you are experiencing symptoms of the coronavirus and/or have visited someone who does, you are not allowed to visit the event.

Het Hoogte80 Theater Terras is made possible by:

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