We believe that arts have the power to bring people together. To heal and to feed the mind. Therefore, we hope to welcome many different people to the festival and allow them to encounter people with different opinions or stories that they would not normally hear. As part of this, we aim to create a festival at which everybody feels welcome.

2.3 million inhabitants of the Netherlands have a (moderate) disability. We’d like to give them the chance to visit our festival and feel welcomed. Therefore, we do our best to generate as much clarity as to our accessibility as possible, allowing you to plan your visit ahead. Information about accessibility can be found below. Missing something, in need of some assistance or do you have a suggestion for us? Please reach out to us by emailing:

Getting there

Hoogte80 Festival takes place in the Hoogte80 park. A park that is located on a hill, offering an amazing view but also some challenges for those who have a physical disability. The park is in the middle of a residential area, there are limited parking spots available and we strongly encourage people to -if possible- use public transportation or a bike to get to the festival site. We have limited parking spots for people with a disability available near the festival site. If you’re in need of one of these parking spots please email us before the start of the event. If we do not have enough availability of parking spots, we will try to arrange a transfer from the normal parking area to the festivalsite.

Line up

We try our best to offer performances that are accessible for everyone. Unfortunately, this is not possible for all performances. We’ll publish an overview of performances that may not be accessible for everyone on this page once our line up is complete (use of stroboscopes, language, wheelchair-accessibility etcetera).

Unable to visit the festival without help?

Are you unable to visit the festival and performances without a companion? You can request free access for your companion by emailing us via Please note that this service is only available if you can proof that you cannot visit a show independently (just wanting someone there for fun is not a valid reason). This companion ticket offers free access for one person, you still need to buy a ticket for yourself.

Physical disability

Do you have a physical disability? When our line up is complete, we’ll offer an overview of performances that are accessible using a wheelchair on this page. We’ll also publish a map of the festival site and the accessibility of the different areas, plus the location of things such as toilets and the kiss & ride.

Visual disability

A list of performances that are suitable for people with a visual disability will be published on this page when our line up is complete. We will also publish a reader-friendly list of the available Food&Beverages and their prices. Need more information or assistance? Please send us an email.

Looking for something else?

Do you still have questions, need assistance or have a suggestion? We’d love to hear from you. Please send an email to