Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions about Hoogte80 Festival? We’ve listed the answers to the most common questions below. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Don’t hesitate to contact us, you can do so via our Social Media or by emailing

What are your rules and regulations? 

As Hoogte80 Festival is visited by thousands of people, in order to ensure a safe and pleasant festival for everyone, we need you to stick to some rules and regulations. Please read them before visiting. You can find them here.

How do I get to the festival? 

Hoogte80 Festival takes place in the Hoogte80 Park. When using Google Maps, navigate to the Zaslaan in Arnhem. Please try to get to the festival by foot, bike or using public transportation. 

How much does a ticket cost? 

You can access the festival site free of charge. You do need a ticket for some of the shows, most tickets can be purchased online and at the box office. Some acts play on a pay-what-you-want basis and will ask for a small donation after their show. 

I’d like to volunteer. Is this possible? 

Yes! Are you a positive person with a healthy appetite for work and team spirit? Do you love theatre, music and people? Then you’re the perfect candidate. We’re looking for volunteers to do jobs varying from artist hospitality or reporting to traffic wardens, so we’re sure we can find something that suits you. Read more about the available positions or sign up here. 

Can I bring my own food or beverages? 

Although it is not prohibited to bring your own food and beverages, we do not encourage you to do so. We don’t charge a fee for accessing the festival, and therefore depend on the revenue from our catering to guarantee the future of the festival. We offer a wide variety of food & beverages, not only in the selection of food but also in the price range. 

Lost something? 

Damn! If you’ve lost (or found) something, please visit our info-stand. At the end of each day we gather all found items here, so hopefully it’s there. If we have not found your item (yet), we will ask for a description of the item and your contact details. If we find something that resembles your missing item, we will contact you.