Rules & regulations

Help us by separating waste!

We do our best to keep the gorgeous park that plays host to the festival clean. Please try to help us by discarding of your garbage in the proper way. Different bins can be found spread on the site, we separate paper, plastic, glas and general waste.


Although we love animals, you are not allowed to bring them to the festival site. We therefore strongly discourage bringing your pet. We do of course allow service dogs. Service dogs are obliged to wear their vest, that way our security knows it’s a service dog.


The festival site is freely accessible, in order to provide clean toilets we ask you to pay €2,- per day for the use of the toilets. Urinating in public is prohibited and can lead to a fine.

Alcohol, smoking and drugs

As per government regulations, no alcoholic beverages are served to people under 18. You are not allowed to bring drugs, and cannot smoke in the tents.

No cans or glass

For safety reasons you are prohibited to bring cans or glass bottles (or anything else made of glass) onto the festival site. Order your beer at the bar, or drink your own in the picknick area. Cheers!

What can I bring?

You are not allowed to bring ‘dangerous objects’ to the festival. In doubt about whether your item is dangerous? Ask us before the festival by sending an email to

Without permission upfront, you are not allowed to bring professional camera equipment to the festival. Permission can only be granted by our communications department.

Flyers or promotional material

Handing out flyers produces a lot of unnecessary waste, and will therefore not be condoned. Do you wish to promote your brand at the festival? Please discuss this with